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X-OP – eXchange of art operators and producers is gradually growing network of artists, researchers, operators, producers and centers with the aim to establish European platform for creation of art and exchange. With its places, spaces and user accustomed technological infrastructure it fosters mobility of artists,  theoreticians and executives. It is built to strengthen the pan-European collaboration, common production and interdisciplinary approach to art.



*Aleksandra Kostič: A new European cultural realm
*Peter Tomaž Dobrila: X-OP – excitingly / extra opulent perspective open inside. But is it open outside?
*Marko Košnik: Art footourist manifesto


*MoKS – Center for Art and Social Practice, Mooste, Estonia
*Egon March Institute Ljubljana, Slovenia
*Lapidarium Museum Novigrad – Cittanova, Croatia
*Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art Rijeka, Croatia
*CIANT International Centre for Art and New Technologies Prague, Czech Republic
*Polytechnic Institute of Tomar, Tomar, Portugal
*MAA Taidekoulu – Art School MAA, Helsinki, Finland
*Media in Motion, Berlin, Germany
*Apartment Project, Istanbul, Turkey
*Rahmenwerk – Transforming Freedom, Vienna, Austria
*MMC KIBLA – Multimedia Center KIBLA, Maribor, Slovenia


*“Art venues were firestations, industrial spaces and other public halls”
Peter Tomaž Dobrila
*“Tradition of cultivating the path from the center all the way to the borders of the known, and over”
Marko Košnik
*“I prefer having prostitutes or drug-dealers as neighbors, rather than the mafia”
Selda Asal
*“I am a European idealist”
Gonçalo Leite Velho
*“There’s a new generation coming, we should listen also to what they have to say”
Jerica Ziherl
*“Digital editing is a wonderful combination of everything that allow me the freedom to do what I want to do”
Ingeborg Fülepp
*“Ingeborg’s mother was preparing a huge soup of ‘gulaš’...”
Heiko Daxl
*“That’s my goal – to think of all the things that the artists need for their work to be done”
Karolina Broskova
*“There is a thin line sometimes between art and doing something illegal”
Bo Isse Karsten
*“Art is a kind of tool for raising questions in society”
Minna Henriksson
*“Technology should always come after, because you have to hear before you can even record anything”
John Grzinich
*“Today, to be an artist in the society is to have the possibility to break the rules and maybe invent new rules”
Evelyn Müürsepp
*“Today, art is a tool for me that helps me become better, or to become bigger than I am”
Mari Jõgiste
*“I am more in-the-moment and process-oriented”
Cameron Bobro
*“Exploring realities that are not obvious”
Ana Pečar
*The Zen of Fluxus
Jan Olof Mallander


*Andreas Leo Findeisen: In between time – framefactory projects of the zero years
*Marko Košnik: Electropera?
*Cameron Bobro: Byzantine Cadillac
*Serra Özhan: Reciprocal Visit – Reciprocal Return, Apartment Project: Re-Locate
*John Grzinich: Some notes on Mutopia
*Minna Henriksson: Art School MAA – the educational dimension of the X-OP


*Media Scape: Beyond horizon, 2008, Novigrad, Croatia
*True art / Truely merchandise, 2009, Berlin, Germany
*NoWhere Symposium, 2009, Mação, Portugal
*Media Scape: Infinite games, 2009, Novigrad, Croatia
*11th Istanbul biennial parallel events, 2009, Istanbul, Turkey
*3rd quadrilateral biennale, 2010, Rijeka, Croatia
*Christiane Paul: Media art – Angles and intersections
*Freefall, 2010, Istanbul, Turkey
*Time and technique, 2010, Tomar and Abrantes, Portugal
*AVAMAA art symposium, 2010, Mooste, Estonia
*Media-Scape: The year we make contact, 2010, Zagreb, Croatia
*Heiko Daxl: The subject between traditions and collective memory
*International conference Pierre Schaeffer: mediArt, 2010, Rijeka, Croatia
*Jerica Ziherl: Pierre Schaeffer
*X-OP Platform Helsinki, 2010, Helsinki, Finland
*Festival KIBLIX, Waste – technology minus, 2010, Maribor, Slovenia
*RESET: Old is new, 2010, Prague, Czech Republic
*ENTER: Datapolis, 2011, Prague, Czech Republic
*Pavel Sedlak: Enter (the) datapolis
*Future Fluxus, 2011, Vienna, Austria
*Electropera Act 7: Coding the society, 2011, Ljubljana, Slovenia
*Tuned city Tallinn, 2011, Tallin, Estonia
*Conclusion festival in Maribor, 2011, Maribor, Slovenia


*Petra Kapš: Art reflection “On” curator – critic – orator
*Ivana Bago and Antonia Majača: Andreja Kulunčić
*Ivo Malec: Artist talk
*Heiko Daxl, Media in Motion: Strictly Berlin
*Susanne Altmann: Inside the mirror ball
*Petra Kapš: After curatorial dinner
*Vladan Jeremić: The Pull Factor / Under the bridge – Helsinki

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X-OP is a project caught in the middle of numerous contemporary artistic practices, the media, organizational forms, theories; between social, committed, art-historical retro-garde, aestheticized, political and other approaches, where art spreads irrevocably into areas that used to belong to the non-artistic, from a sacred to a profane place, from clear positions into the schizoid interlacing (shiz-op). The protagonist, the antagonist, the simultaneous, the dominant, the subordinate, the neutral, the connective, the excluding – building a new, informational, hyper-dimensional European cultural realm.

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